John Loader

Responsive WordPress theme development.

Ex-graphic designer John Loader needed a site for his new artistic endevours. He gave me a .PSD and I gave him a custom responsive, HTML5/CSS3 WordPress site. It uses LESS compiled on the fly using node.js (appfog free node hosting FTW! - I since worked out that this is pointless, but it taught me some stuff). John wanted the option to sell the odd painting - I felt a shop setup was probably a bit of an overkill so wrote a simple PayPal payment solution which he can use within a gallery plugin allowing him to set postage and framing price points as necessary. The design was a simple 5 column grid so for the structure I chose semantic grid - very easy to set-up and change.

Skills used: HTML5, CSS3/LESS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, Node.js, WordPress, Client consultation and support

John Loader site design